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Letting God Guide Your Hand When Learning To Draw

Cassie Steele – OCP News Service- 24/3/18

Letting God Guide Your Hand When Learning To Draw

God grants some people with the natural talent to yield a paintbrush and create at a level on par with Michelangelo. Other people love the calming rhythm of drawing but find themselves with stronger talents. Either way, anyone with a desire to draw must first learn how to make creations from any medium. The beginning of the process is learning to draw, whether the goal is to communicate God’s great word through interpreting Bible passages, or simply to help add color to the walls of the church.

Accept your talent

Some people find that learning any art form is intimidating, especially after reviewing the work of a practiced artist. The most important pinnacle in learning to draw is accepting the gift God has bestowed. Even amateur artists have received a God-given talent and must use it to help further His word. Embracing the fact that there is a desire, or a talent, or both, to draw is the beginning of learning how to best serve the Lord through its use. Accepting God’s call to draw will guide the hand of an artist, whether they choose to depict the Cross, a rose symbolic of the Christ, or an image of a holy building.

Begin with lessons

Many who have the talent and desire to draw will begin drawing in the privacy of the home. However, God has intended for talent to be shared, so when He offers an opportunity for lessons, it must be taken. Seek out those who would teach, such as at a school, university, or community center. There may even be lessons through the church to help interested people learn the basics. Drawing begins with simple shapes, then builds from there. Seasoned artists still use squares, circles, and triangles to outline an image, giving it a “skeleton”. From here, the image is built, and the “skeleton” is erased. Color is added, and a blank piece of paper is transformed into something holy. These basics are the building blocks of initial lessons and become the foundation of every future drawing project.

Continue to practice

God has graced some artists with an overwhelming amount of talent, but even these lucky individuals must continue to practice. Use the techniques learned in class or in online videos over and over again. Practice them until they are right, then practice them once more. The only way to get better, and to stay sharp, is to practice the craft. Keep repeating the techniques even after they seem perfect and expand into new techniques for an ongoing learning opportunity. Remember that God has guided the hand, and God has offered the talent. He will lead the artist through a righteous path, illustrated by religious drawings.

Drawing to help express a relationship with God begins with God’s generosity in talent. Accepting the talent is the first step toward learning to draw, followed by seeking out those God has sent for guidance. Finally, practice and repeating techniques brings the artist closer to perfection and closer to communicating the Word through interpretive art.

Cassie Steele – OCP News Service